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Re: GA Player Lock

by ItsGonnaBeHuge

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GA Player Lock

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My roster did not lock at the end of the join/preview period but sometime in the 30 min after that. I specifically waited until the Player Lock period was over (4:00 P.M. for me) to move some mods for a raid and I moved them back 30 min later. Now I have several partially modded characters and several more poorly modded characters locked for GA which makes me not even want to bother participating as these mod loadout changes will likely cost me the match. When exactly does roster lock occur? I would like to avoid this issue in the future and unfortunately GA starts when my guild is usually 1 hour into our HSTR. 

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Re: GA Player Lock

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Roster lock occurs after the very first day of GA. Before you even have your other 7 opponents. Once you click enter the first time, your players are locked for the full GA from that day.

What I generally do, to get the most out of my team, is to not press enter for the first time until im as close as I can get to the finish of the first 24hr join period.

Hope this helps Standard smile
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Re: GA Player Lock

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My roster did not lock when I entered GA nor did it lock when the first day ended (before I had 7 opponents). If it had I wouldn’t have been stuck with crappy potency mods on key characters as my mods were set until 5 min after the first day had ended. I think your roster locks at the end of some matchmaking period that follows the first days “player lock period”. 

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Re: GA Player Lock

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My roster was the exact same for the whole 4-5 day GA.
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