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G-Sync doesn't work with DX12 and multiple monitors connected

by P204_TeT

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G-Sync doesn't work with DX12 and multiple monitors connected

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I recently installed a new GPU in my computer, an Nvidia RTX2060. I immediately started noticing that something was wrong and the performance were not really as good as they should with that new card. It turns out that according the the g-sync indicator, G-Sync works in all my games except in BFV.


But first here is a little more contextual informations:


Hardware setup:


  • Nvidia RTX 2060 (Driver version 430.86 as of now and DDU done when installing the new card)
  • i7 7700K CPU
  • 16GB of DDR4 3200 RAM


  • Main: AOC G2460PG - 24 inch 144 hz 1080p monitor connected via DisplayPort
  • secondary: Older IIyama 24 inch 60hz 1080p monitor connected via DVI
  • (Plugged in but powered off) Video projector connected via HDMI

All the above screens are connected to the RTX 2060 GPU. Main screen is configured at 144hz on windows and in the nvidia control panel. It's showed as G-Sync compatible.


No 3D settings were changed in the video control panel beside setting V-Sync to off globally. But even before setting that up, I still had the issue relevant to this topic.


Now onto the BFV settings:


  • Resolution 1920*1080 set on the main AOC 144hz screen
  • DX12 enabled
  • V-Sync OFF
  • Graphic profile set to CUSTOM/ULTRA: Most settings set to HIGH except texture quality to ULTRA and ambient occlusion deactivated
  • All the "cinematic" graphical options like motion blur and so on in the first tab are set to OFF.

Reproducing the Issue:


  • Activate the G-Sync indicator in the Nvidia control panel.
  • Launch the game.
  • Game somehow launch in a small windows then goes fullscreen. At first g-sync is indicated as ON but just after the game goes fullscreen. G-Sync indicator disappears.
  • Game starts and g-sync doesn't work.

What tests I have done so far:


  1. Windowed and Windowed/borderless mode with DX12 and all monitors connected -> G-Sync is not working.
  2. Fullscreen mode with DX12 and all monitors connected -> G-Sync is not working.
  3. Fullscreen mode with DX11 and all monitors connected -> G-sync is working.
  4. Fullscreen mode with DX12 and all secondary monitors disconnected -> G-Sync is working.
  5. Plugging back all my screens, G-Sync still doesn't work.

As you can see, in the current setup I either need to disconnect my secondary monitors or deactivate DX12 in order to have a functioning G-Sync.

Unfortunately, I have lower average framerate with DX11 so it's a pretty tough choice to make. I wish I could have DX12, my monitors connected and no frame tearing.


I don't know if it's an NVIDIA or BFV issue, or both but it certainly is very annoying !


I hope this can be fixed somehow or a workaround could be found.


Thanks for any help provided Standard smile



Additional note: G-Sync works in Overwatch (with DX12) and Apex legends even with the secondary monitors plugged in.



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