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Re: Froze

by Gutshanks

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Hi all! 

Last days I'm getting frozen screen while I'm in the battle. In Geonosis it happened two times. 

Today I lost a combat in GA because the game stop working. 


I could take a screenshot with the combat status.

It should be an easy combat, but I have a lost combat now. 


What can I do? The game is not reliable since last update. I saw other request about this situation. This is happening so often to many players, so the answer "We can't do anything" is not acceptable when this is due to a game problem. 


Best Regards




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Re: Froze

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Hi @jlmurielg,

I'm catching up on threads in this board and wanted to link in with you on this. How has the game been since?

- EA_Lanna

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Re: Froze

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It is still doing this and triggered on my main AND alt accounts when either I entered GAC or began a battle in GAC.


This was an old bug at least on Android phones that has returned. The sound glitches and becomes a steady loud BUZZing noise and the game locks up. Either crashes completely or you have to force kill it. Seems like a memory leak in a sound file and that jist compounds itself until the game locks up. Hope any of that info helps. The bug was around on and off for almost a year originally and I want to say it has been gone for almost 6mo-1yr until it started again.

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Re: Froze

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Bump, still occurring after latest game update.

GALAXY S20 FE 5G w/latest Android software.

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