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Re: Freezes during game

by 77777slayer77777

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Freezes during game

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I had fifa 19 on - had problem with freezing during the match ...tryied everything didnt help

So i bought Xbox one with fifa 20 - Frezzes even worst !!!

So please tell me whe you will fix that problem please ???As a customer who spend a lot of money for your product im  pissed off by now.

Please don`t give me answer about my bad connection etc .

I have very fast internet ,i can download stuff with speed 18MB/s and in the same time play battlefield V or PES 2019 or 2020 and there is no problem with lags/freezing at all !And i tryied connection with Lan cable ,and many other thinks and still its freezes - not all the time but is very flustrating when I for example spend 40e for Packs to get some player (never happen to get good ones)and qualify for weekend league and then playing weekend league (having familly ,2 small kids) and i have to cancel at least half of matches because its impossible to play them due to Freezing and speeding up my match .Weekend league or divisions - the same problem

So whats Yours Ideas now to fix my problem please and pleas don`t start with some stupid basics like reset you internet or connect cable.....

As far I know there is a lot of peoples with this problem on PC,PS and Xbox for a long time now so its nothing new.



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Re: Freezes during game

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Bij mij gebeurt dit tijdens matches. In carrière modus.

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Re: Freezes during game

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EA Helooo ???

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