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Re: Freeplay servers crashing

by ComeWithMeKitty

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Freeplay servers crashing

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The heck is wrong with the servers people it’s the 5th time that I enter a freeplay session and after playing for 10 to 15 min it kicks me out and a pop up come and it’s a “ severs shut down” does any one else having this problem ?! 

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Re: Freeplay servers crashing

Community Manager

Hey @EqualizerAMP 


Could you please check if the server shutdown message still appears that often after yesterday's server maintenance?


Thanks in advance!


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Re: Freeplay servers crashing

★★★★ Novice

It does,two times today on xbox one

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Re: Freeplay servers crashing

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Ember Epic stone coffer getting low.  Threw together a Ceptor so to farm quickly.  The Doms got in the way, she quickly decimated them all (wut the heck did I put on this gurl).  Man was I having fun just freewheeling and harvesting.  Oh, a World Event.  She clears it with ease.  Popped the chest and out comes a legendary!  I so happy.  Gut says to me, "Foo don't take a chance, log to Tarsis now and get to keep your Legendary!"  I says, "what can go wrong.. just a few more minutes.  Lemme zip over here and see what these other guys are doin."  Hit waterfall one to cool the jets."  Oh, waterfall two lets cool off...BING!!!  SEARCHING FOR SERVER!!!!  O.O WUT DA!!!!  This isn't happening.. nOOOOOO.  ok ok relax, it'll reconnect........



Ever have or see someone's vehicle get repo'd?  Anthem repo'd my Lego!!!   NOTHING NEW and BRIGHT YELLOW IN THE VAULT, NOR THE FORGE BW.  Please TAKE DOWN THE FALSE HOPE MESSAGE TO CHECK THEM. IT IS A LIE You're kicking me in the gut twice by telling me such.

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