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Freeplay/Mission Crash PC

by MorphingShadow

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Freeplay/Mission Crash PC

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Since the last update, I literally cannot play more than a few minutes of anything that involves other players in the world besides strongholds.  I have never had a stronghold crash out but every single other event does.  Free play, contracts, random and legendary missions.  They don't just send me back to the start screen, they will crash to the desktop every single time.  I noticed if I do a contract solo though, it seems to be just fine.  I can tell right before it crashes, that the fps will drop severely, and then within 10 seconds it crashes.

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Re: Freeplay/Mission Crash PC

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@MorphingShadow i made a thread in the bug department.
But i resolved it , had the issues when interacting with object in free play that was a World Event, ( every other thing worked,chests,Stronghold,Contracts)
But when a World event occured and someone in the world interacted with an objective exampel fragment it went crash to desktop. It seems like its a security issue on the files. What i did was add Reinstalled the game ( didnt work) and then added in the security tab " Everyone/ All users" Full control in that directory " C:\Program Files (x86)\" Origin games

Here is my Thread
Solution on page 2
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Re: Freeplay/Mission Crash PC

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you crash D: !

anthem eat a lot cpu and graphic. all you need is a stable computer :0

this is stable computer 101 . first unplug your computer incase its ESD issue .your routher or external thing is connect to pc must unplug too !

you need wait around 5 - 10 min . and start its all over again . 


if you still crash . you need adjust your computer :0 just push it in default. 


this is all I can help about crash :0 . atm I not get crash . even I still use game client since this world start run . I will crash if I try to overclock my gpu :0  on SLI . 





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