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Re: Fps locks to 17 in drop-ship upon first game on map rotation triggering.

by EA_Atic

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Fps locks to 17 in drop-ship upon first game on map rotation triggering.

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Pretty much what the title says sometimes after couple games this triggers but most of the time when it triggers is upon map rotation when a map ends and the first game I go into the map that's in the new rotation fps locks at 14-17 in drop-ship and when I land It goes to 72(I have it locked at 72) but when I do any movement with my mouse it drops to 40's and up and forth. dying going onto the next match won't solve this but restarting the game will untill it happens again and it's so frustrating specially now in the past 6 days it's been happening a lot lately like every 5 games or so after restarting game. Like I tried alot of things from resetting my windows for a fresh install to moving from Origins to Steam and re-downloading the game in origin and downloading it agian on steam after moving but nothing fixes it. This used to happen so rarely since the moment I downloaded the game back in 2019 on the day of the reveal so it didn't bother me because It happened like so rarely once a day at most so I restarted game once and it went away but now it's so annoying tried ea live chat support was in queue missed it twice but now I can't get in touch with ea live chat it says only email idk because I missed it twice even tried a new case but nothing maybe they taking a break cause it's Sunday. Any help appreciated. Thanks in advance!

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Re: Fps locks to 17 in drop-ship upon first game on map rotation triggering.

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Hey, @Tibarmchinyk  make sure that all drivers for windows are up to date, also worth to reinstall the GPU drivers for your PC.


You can also try to do a clean boot to see if there any programs messing with APEX and turn off any overlay programs for example Discord or Nvidia experience.


Can you add a Dxdiag so we can see what hardware and drivers you have? 


Let me know if this works or not for you. Standard smile





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