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Fps drops

by niunit12

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Fps drops

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I'm 20 minutes into the game and my fps is going between 30-80. Ever move I make causes stress on the system. I run a i5 3570 3.4 ghz. 16gb ram. Gtx 1060 6gb. I run usually med-high settings. I also put vsync on but that didnt help. Am I missing something ?
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Re: Fps drops

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Can you please attach a dxdiag.txt report to your thread here (run dxdiag on your machine then save all information as dxdiag.txt)


Try a different gpu driver as a test.



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Re: Fps drops

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Wait for the CPU usage to go down. For about 2-3 minutes, the CPU usage is spiking all the way to 100%. This is some weird loading process by the game mixed with poor optimization. YOu can use Rivatuner and MSI Afterburner to see this in-game, or you have a second monitor, open the task manager on it and monitor the game's process.


Also, check in task manager for this process:

event collector command line utility


if that's there, close it, and see if it helps. I've had my problem fixed after i've deleted the files for this process (yes you can do that).

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Re: Fps drops

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My cpu usage is fine and the gpu usage ranges from 70-90%.
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Re: Fps drops



Does this accrue on a specific place or anywhere?

Did you monitor you RAM usage?


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