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Fps capped at 60?

by wazander

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Fps capped at 60?

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Hi so I'm not sure if I'm capped at 60 fps or not, and here's why.


The in-game fps counter shows that I'm getting about 120-140 fps per second.. However, Ihave a rog swift 248Q 180 hz monitor with a built in fps counter which is only showing 60 fps per second.


Am I only getting 60 fps per second or am I the 120-130 fps per second?


I went through every step, disable v sync, enable full screen, etc etc.


When playing the only other game I play, which is LoL, my monitor's fps doesn't cap at 60 fps, so I'm not sure if it's a setting or something in Apex Legends that I have to change.


I'd really appreciate and wisdom on this concern. Thanks.

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Re: Fps capped at 60?

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Is your monitor set to the proper refresh rate in Windows?

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