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Re: Fleet Battles Glitch

by Caribouofchaos

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Fleet Battles Glitch

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I attached an image of my problem.


So, when I woke up, the Palpatine Ship Event dropped. Went to fleet battles and this occurred. I closed the program out entirely and attempted to relaunch it. Same problem persisted. Checked the Play Store to make sure it was updated, all good to go. Restarted my phone, and the problem still persists. My Ship Energy is almost maxed, and that's wasted energy if I can't resolve this issue soon. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.

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Re: Fleet Battles Glitch

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Did you get a response or get it fixed? I have the same issue going on right now too
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Re: Fleet Battles Glitch

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I currently have exactly the same problem and have reported it, now awaiting response. Frustrating to say the least. 

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Re: Fleet Battles Glitch

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Sadly the only fix is uninstall and reinstall. It fixed mine. But it's still lame. And we should be compensated
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Re: Fleet Battles Glitch

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Do you lose your progress with an uninstall/reinstall? I am waiting to hear back from EA and I don't want to lost any data or progress from this
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Re: Fleet Battles Glitch

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I read on another thread to uninstall, and then reinstall the game. Just be sure to verify your account is linked as it is attached to the platform, not the phone itself, and take note of your player ID.

I did this, and in less than 5 minutes everything was restored and running as normal. Best of luck!
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