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Re: Fix "Stance Tuning" please

by CN21Gaming

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Fix "Stance Tuning" please

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Stance tuning needs to be...tuned. Compared to NFS 2015 it's actually sloppy, surprisingly. So far it doesn't lower the car as much but it's missing a HUGE factor in "stancing" your car, widening your wheel base. The cars have major wheel to fender gaps and it's hideous, especially with body kits / fender flares. That's a huge no no. NFS 2015 had that feature and it was absolutely amazing, so please implement it into NFS Payback. Including "Rake". Needs to be done !!
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Re: Fix "Stance Tuning" please

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I absolutely agree, why take out something that wasn't broken to begin with it honestly helped add character to cars that didn't have such a good selection of customization parts.

Not to mention the removed the ability to stretch tires on any car you want, now the only way to get that is to have a drift car? That's absolutely dumb,

I mean the game is great overall just bring those 2 things back and at least for me it will be 10000% better.


EA is doing a lot of messed up stuff right now........don't mess  this up please re-add these features in a future update. 



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Re: Fix "Stance Tuning" please

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Ya I agree. The rake and tyre width option was there in the E3 showcase builds but in final game they removed it.

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Re: Fix "Stance Tuning" please

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Totally agree! On top !! to see! Make departure (ET) discs Please! and suspension tilt (front to back) as it was in nfs 2015

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Re: Fix "Stance Tuning" please

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now there is only 3 options, thats just very desapointing...

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Re: Fix "Stance Tuning" please

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On bmw's (m5,m2,m4,x6m) it doesnt work at all

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