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Re: Fix 04001000 ERROR

by Volkowoy

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Re: Fix 04001000 ERROR

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@Volkowoy thanks that actually worked but I will start a new game and saved it just in case.
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Re: Fix 04001000 ERROR

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@LuxDv Pm me if you have time for tests with me. I’m at work so can’t test by my own right now. Or if someone another pm me about tests it will be fine.
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Re: Fix 04001000 ERROR

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@Ruzziel I guess you did a little bit wrong. This method should save your progress before.
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Re: Fix 04001000 ERROR

Community Manager

@Volkowoy @Ruzziel @LuxDv @KingXitus @BruNo_M1991 


There are a few variations of this kind of item sync issue with similar error codes.


We have a patch upcoming soon that will address item sync but I am unsure if this specific variation will be addressed.


We would appreciate if you guys affected by this one here could post after the patch drops to let us know if this 40010000 error is affected.


Thank you.

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Re: Fix 04001000 ERROR

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good News thank you Standard smile 

@LuxDvyeah but i guess just working for your own old savegames cause it is locked to your origin 

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Re: Fix 04001000 ERROR

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@EA_BarryThank goodness! This should fix the issues on PC not loading saves as well right?

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Re: Fix 04001000 ERROR

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@VolkowoyNo my problem was that after the error I deleted all, the game, the folders, the hidden folders and Origin app. Then I when back online it did actually show me all my items and I has happy. The next day I when online and boom I was on the default Nissan car with level 50, no money, no able to save or load paint jobs and not able to upgrade the tires. All cars gone, all upgrades gone. So I continue to playing the game with the Nissan until I sow your post. So I already started a new game from scrash no problems so far.

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Re: Fix 04001000 ERROR

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My game is fine now apart from the fact that i cant access any wraps. I can view community wraps but when i try to download them it tells me that i have no more download slots left, and i cant edit anything on my car or view my own library even though i deleted all my wraps.


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Re: Fix 04001000 ERROR

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my save game  work finnaly i have 22 backups of my save game, my backup 19 work, save games more recents give me a error no problem i dont start to 0 again

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Re: Fix 04001000 ERROR

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@EA_Barryi played before patch today, all was fine i close this game and new patch has been released. after patch - i get this problem again. but my method doesnt work anymore 
guys, are you sure what you work on the right way?

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