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Finesse shot not working

by Johenn_21

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Finesse shot not working

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So here's my issue.

I've been playing Fifa 21 on PC since its release with an XBOX 360 controller with a wireless receiver and i've never had any issue. I now had to change controller since one of its buttons broke down so i bought an XBOX ONE  wireless controller.

Everything is fine except the fact that the finesse shot doesn't work. Whenever i press and hold RB and shoot it always does some sort of low shot, not even the regular power shot. All the buttons on the new controller work perfectly, including the RB button. Thing is, if i go back at using the old xbox 360 controller everything works, including the finesse shot.

It's very weird. Has anyone ever had this issue ?

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Re: Finesse shot not working

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Am i the only one experiencing this issue ?

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Re: Finesse shot not working

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Ìm having this problem now and it got my head in bits everthing was working as it shoud but the last 3 weeks its al gnè * up

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