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Re: Fifa 20 FUT lagg problems

by EA_Darko

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Fifa 20 FUT lagg problems

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first of all my english is not that good so please ignore the grammer mistakes. To my problem I can not play FUT without having laggs and I do not know what to do to fix it. In the game I have 150-190 Fps so it has to be a connection problem. I have wirless internet I know that it is because of this but I have no chance to make a lan connection. I played CS,LOL,WOW,COD without any lag problems so my connection should be fast enough even as a wireless connection. Please Help me. I like to play Fifa but right now it is unplayable for me. 


My ping test:

Latency 29.3Ms

Download 33.05 Mbps
Stability 97%
Transferred Data 80.53MB

Upload 33,09Mbps

Stability 91%
Transferred Data 40.84MB
Thank you for all answers.
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Re: Fifa 20 FUT lagg problems

Community Manager

Hey @narcil1115 it sounds like you may be having issues with your connection. I would suggest taking a look at our Connection troubleshooting steps which you can find here:


It'll take you a couple of minutes to do them all but please do take the time and do them all.


Let me know how you get on and if you want to share your UO Trace then I'm happy to take a look at how your data is being routed.



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