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Fifa 19 - low latency persistently

by Kynex7

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Fifa 19 - low latency persistently

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Hey guys, I'm from Mauritius but my playstation plus subscription has always been registered from China. This is the first time I'm having this problem for 4 days now. My internet connection including ping etc is very good. Every online game I try to play, I get red (lowest) latency and it's super difficult to play my weekend league games right now with the lags. Last time I had this issue persistently, it was fixed after a patch update but this time, this seems to be an isolated issue or region-wise (I'm not sure). Any suggestions help as to how this can be fixed?

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Re: Fifa 19 - low latency persistently

Community Manager

@Kynex7 Hey there, I can see that you've attached a UO Trace to your latest case, can you tell me if you're playing on a WiFi or wired connection please?

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Re: Fifa 19 - low latency persistently

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I also have the same issue. and i am from  Mauritius as well

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