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Re: Fifa 18 Career Mode Crash

by Riffel_RS

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Re: Fifa 18 Career Mode Crash

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Amigo Andy, necesitamos una solución. Game can't be played, and that's what games are made for...

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Re: Fifa 18 Career Mode Crash

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@ ANDY!! Hey dude its time to get out off youre wintersleep!! Time for answers! Dont act like a boy, be a man! We deserve this for waiting like dog with great honer!! Now its time give some update about this big problem!! Im feeling like the dog Hachi from the movie..waiting waiting but for wat!!!!
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Re: Fifa 18 Career Mode Crash

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This is a huge disrespect to the consumer. They should be ashamed to leave us talking alone
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Re: Fifa 18 Career Mode Crash

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Im seriously considering a peaceful protest with signs outside Onslow House in Guildford (EA HQ)

I'm sure if we got enough people there on any given day at any given time the papers would have a field day.

I bet EA would do something then!
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Re: Fifa 18 Career Mode Crash

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I losed all my respect and goodwil!!!
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Re: Fifa 18 Career Mode Crash

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This was a problem last year too if I remember but it was sorted quicker. They don't seem to care as they can't get anymore cash from career mode so they don't bother replying. I bet if it was happening in FUT they would have it fixed in no time.

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Re: Fifa 18 Career Mode Crash

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Exactly the same problem I am having, bought Barco and Milik in January and the game crashes every single time I try and put either of them in the starting lineup, however seems to work when they are on the bench.

I have also tried isolating them and only using one and then the other and I can put neither of them in my lineup! This did not happen with any of my summer transfers from the first window though at all, I had all 7 of them in my lineup for the whole first few months of the season and no crash or glitch.

Product: Xbox One
Gamer tag: rivers9610
Problem: Black screen, music freeze and reset to Xbox Home after selecting ‘start match’ button when January transfer player included in starting XI
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Re: Fifa 18 Career Mode Crash

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For pete's sake what's going on with regards to this issue fella? when are EA gonna stop playing DIRTY GAMES with us all and let us all know what the hell is going on? It went way beyond a joke a long long time ago now ANDY and we deserve an update and some questions answered asap please.

Don't any of you care about this? about your customers many of them being very loyal customers at that, only some customer service this is. What have we got to do tell me to get a flaming response from you lot?????

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Re: Fifa 18 Career Mode Crash

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First season, I had issues with players bought during the January window. Game crashing. I kept these players out of my team. Now into season 2. Bought more players, even pre-contract arrivals. Same during my 2nd January window, bought & sold players. Season 2 has played without any issues at all (thank god!!). In season 2, I was able to play all of my infected players without any issues. My game seems to be working OK (for now). Just about to start season 3 now, so fingers crossed.



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Re: Fifa 18 Career Mode Crash

Community Manager

The latest title update went out today on PC (will be out on console in the coming weeks).


For those experiencing the crash on PC can you test again once you've updated your game and let me know how you get on? You may need to start a new save.




- Andy -

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