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Re: Fifa 18 Career Mode Crash

by perkendes

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Re: Fifa 18 Career Mode Crash

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Hey guys, Ive been reading you since I first got hit by the bug like arround 2-3 weeks ago. Ive been playing fifa carrer mode ever since 2006-2007 and the truth is that Ive never been this discouraged to play the game. Well, I decided to send the news to Gamespot and The Know, with links to this forum and the stories that The Sun and The Daily Mail did. I also explaind how EA have treated its fans with censorship and unnesesary messages. I hope this helps putting a little more preassure over EA shoulders. Hope we all get a solution soon.

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Re: Fifa 18 Career Mode Crash

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Sorry to inform you but it has been mentioned on here many times before that the issue existed before the first patch also. Hope we get a fix soon Jordy.



Well done for that. The more we report it to different outlets the better. I think Watchdog in the UK is the best to report it too because they don't mess about and will follow it up if enough people complain and will name and shame EA on Television too in order to getting the answers we need. 

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Re: Fifa 18 Career Mode Crash

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If ya all have problem with transfers in career mode i have a solution...if u wanna buy player,add that player on shortlist and then go in transfer hub and start a negotiation.I hope that this gonna help.
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Re: Fifa 18 Career Mode Crash

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It has been mentioned before by others on here but how many of us have actually done it only this is definitely the best way to getting a breakthrough on this issue...


We MUST all REPORT this to Wacthdog which for anyone who doesn't live in the uk is an awesome televison show that looks out for consumers (customers) who are being ripped off. Investigating companies and exposing them for any issues like this, fighting for answers to questions that people deserve to know as well as ensuring the correct services, products are being delivered and if not full refunds or compensation etcetera.


The link below will direct you to the reporting your story section of their website


Alternatively just search for BBC watchdog on Google for their website.


Come on everyone let's do this because we aren't getting anywhere at the moment. They will not even engage with us and quite frankly we have all clearly had enough now of this.


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Re: Fifa 18 Career Mode Crash

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Watchdogs are ok but people in here are missing a crucial key point.


Why gaming media is silent? Do they have tight bonds with EA so they are not publishing a news about it? I mean this bug is so obvious now, hard to ignore.


I sent a mail to Kotaku, they are still silent. Youtubers are silent. IGN, Gamespot etc. are silent. Why?

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Re: Fifa 18 Career Mode Crash

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I find it very odd that EA have gone radio silent on this issue with no confirmation of whether it will be fixed by a patch (or any kind of news actually). All it would take is a brief press release saying they are aware and a patch will be out by such a date...
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Re: Fifa 18 Career Mode Crash

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Not surprising that IGN haven't picked up this. For youtubers playing FUT, are often given coins from EA to buy packs, so they can showcase packs. Generating more money for FUT.

Some youtubers playing have the standard  squads, not causing any trouble so they dont care.


Another light article from 6.Octrober

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Re: Fifa 18 Career Mode Crash

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Re: Fifa 18 Career Mode Crash

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I’m still waiting 55 minutes into my “estimated 25-30 minutes to speak to an online advisor. Watch this space!
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Re: Fifa 18 Career Mode Crash

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Okay an hour is gone and so is my lunch break, I haven’t got time for this *. Although I did see a link a few pages back for the DailyMail showing that this has been recognised by everyone except EA themselves. Robbing *
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