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Re: Fifa 18 Career Mode Crash

by Laser_Unicorn_TG

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Re: Fifa 18 Career Mode Crash

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I sent the link to this page to a Youtube gaming news channel. I suggest you all do the same, flood them with e-mails or something, sent it to ESPN (they have e-sports shows I think) or whatever. I know that fixing games may take some time, but this silence is ridiculous no admin even showed up here to give an update or a least an explanation, they are all too busy answering to the FUT cash grab mode threads here. This is the last time I buy anything EA related, people need to start talking with their wallets. 

Also, on the topic of the game bug... @freddiedarlison
I too only transferred players with a starhead (real face), I was rebuilding Leicester with only real face players. I noticed that other people here were having this bug with starhead players too.
I bought a bunch of youngsters and a low rated guy from the US because it was deadline transfer time and I couldn't finish the deals I wanted so I grabbed Eriq Zavaleta to fill a hole in the squad. He ended up being the player that is crashing my game. I'm afraid if I buy other players the bug will spread and the whole squad will become unplayable.

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Re: Fifa 18 Career Mode Crash

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It seems the more time goes by the more people are buying the game and coming across this error code.
There is load of threads on this all complaing the same thing ea's poor customer feedback.
Guys all we can do is share it on social media. Its a powerfull thing social media, this will not blow over EA
Let it go viral what we got to lose? A broken game?
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Re: Fifa 18 Career Mode Crash

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I've already tweeted to EA and Playstation about the problem. I have a lot of likes. Hope people think twice before they buy this game...

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Re: Fifa 18 Career Mode Crash

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@Laser_Unicorn_TG thats a good idea! And speaking of YouTube and a few people have mentioned this but I do find it odd that fifa YouTubers don't seem to have picked up on this problem. There are a lot of fifa 18 career mode series vids out there as well.....
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Re: Fifa 18 Career Mode Crash

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Let's contact #CR7. "Hi Ronaldo, did you know that EA is using your image to sell a crappy game?" #EANotOK

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Re: Fifa 18 Career Mode Crash

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I think the problem is solved today I played with Atletico and Portugal both online and offline and it don't crash.

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Re: Fifa 18 Career Mode Crash

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Lol this broken game isn't our fault. 


When you do advertising like hell, you should develop a game without major issues. Small ones can be ignored.


But if you publish a broken game after all those resources and advertising, it's normal that people would "cry like a little girl".



Now go and play your FUT and buy microtransactions with your dad's money. Good boy!


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Re: Fifa 18 Career Mode Crash

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What are you talking about I have been playing career mode every day no issues...just sim through the first year until they fix it. season 2 no problems....season 3 no problems. Are you getting the picture????

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Re: Fifa 18 Career Mode Crash

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Well i want fix. I paid money, so i got a right to play a game without issues. This is so simple. They didn't advertise bugs, issues or crashes before release. They advertised new improvements on career mode so i invested my money in this game. In summary, they sold me bugs and errors that they didn't tell me before release. 


I don't wanna sim my entire season, this is absolutely absurd. It's like simulating an entire first chapter of an RPG game and start playing from chapter 2. If we leave it to your hands (and people like you) we will not be able to see a fix until 2019. This is not a solution so stop shouting like you found a solution. 


Whoever says "don't complain" are losers who doesn't even know what are their rights.


FUT Off mates.

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Re: Fifa 18 Career Mode Crash

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@CarthossIt's good that you've found a work around that you're happy with, but to be fair, there's a couple of posts on here from players that have done what you suggest and have still experienced crashes in Season 2 or 3. I would suggest that if it's working fine for you, then that's great, but the likelihood is that you haven't tried playing an affected player in your starting 11. The rest of us will continue to post here, or monitor what goes on until either the EA geniuses that released a broken game fix it, or we get so bored of ea's lousy 'customer service' that we go and buy PES instead.

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