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Re: Fifa 18 Career Mode Crash

by freddiedarlison

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Re: Fifa 18 Career Mode Crash

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Well, it happend for me after I signed 2 youth academy players, everytime I wanted them to start it crashed. I cant even put them on the bench because it would crash then as well.

Right now I cant even start with my first team anymore. So Im unable to play.

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Re: Fifa 18 Career Mode Crash

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@DestroyerAsap Totally agree with the post below, but they had all the info of the crash way at the beginning of this post. They decided not to answer us, im afraid i cant accept "we are looking into it".
So we grew restless and i was part of it but its too be expected when they cant even say ie by next month it will be fixed.
It be interesting if they reply too you because that post was well put
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Re: Fifa 18 Career Mode Crash

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Thanks mate. Really do agree with you too. There’s really not too much to say to them as I’m sure the 1st page of this had the info they needed.

No one knows what else to say so that we can get a response. And we don’t need another we are working on this or looking into it post. We need actual info. But more importantly. When are we going to be able to play it without it crashing.

If this carries on into November, I really think that everyone should go to watchdog, or newspapers about this.

My brother has fifa and he’s works fine. So it’s clear some people it’s working for.

Am just shocked that it’s now acceptable for a major company to sell faulty games...
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Re: Fifa 18 Career Mode Crash

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With the Career Mode I play with my mate, we made it through the January window on the second attempt after not signing a LMthat caused the game to crash. It crashed again though when we signed a player outside the window on a pre-contract agreement. I think it has to be more than one problem and if we stay with EA, we may have to accept that the wait for a fully functioning game may be a long one. In the same way, EA may have to accept that they may have to hand out some hefty compensation for our patience. Still disgraceful that there’s been no acknowledgement from the Company that there is a problem, or any indication as to when it may be fixed, or a simple, “We’re sorry”.
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Re: Fifa 18 Career Mode Crash

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Hi Andy,


Where are we at with an update here, lots of people mentioning constant lack of transparency/ownership over the issue - please address this with some information. What is happening with the fix?


Its been close to a month. What are the Studio teams SLA's? 


Or can any of you below help with some answers?










Also please can you feedback to your EA Help chat advisers agaisnt giving out troubleshooting - to delete/reinstall anything anymore, how can troubleshooting my own console fix an issue that EA are working on?

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Re: Fifa 18 Career Mode Crash

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Yes People, we need info. We paid for a game and we wanna play!!!

Don't stop writing, because if you do, this thread is going to the next page (because of all those FUT lovers). 

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Re: Fifa 18 Career Mode Crash

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@EA_Andy @EA_Aidan @EA_Jason




We need an update here. Posted this in Bug Reports earlier, but no response - other bugs around this are being responded too.


Product: FIFA 18
Platform:Sony Playstation 4
What is your gamertag/PSN ID? FREDDDARL
Which mode has this happened in? Career Mode
Which part of the mode? Career mode - manager
How often does the bug occur? Every time (100%)
Steps: How can we find the bug ourselves? Transferring players and then trying to use them within your starting 11, happened to me in the 1st January Transfer window, others have mentioned it has happened at different times. I used QPR, used a financial takeover, and transferred in players that only have a real face. Up until January my Career mode was fine, however in January (I've tried two different players) Mason Holgate (on-loan), Kyle Walker-Peters (permanent) and Donald Love (also permanent), also I tried with a different position Isaac Success and Adam Reach (both permanent) all players if I sign one or more cause the crash if included in my first 11 - without or on the sub bench I can continue, but for how long? Why am I restricted on players? I cannot continue playing the game mode with any confidence.
What happens when the bug occurs? I have just clicked "Start Match" and as the load up to the pre-match skill game is happening my game crashes to the PS menu, citing error code CE-34878-0, reverting to a previous save and trying other options didn't work as above, trying different players doesn't work.
What should be happening instead? I should be able to play the game, and make transfers as I wish

I have spoken to three different members of the EA Help chat support, all offered troubleshooting which do not work, also they have confirmed the "Studio" are working on a fix? So why would troubleshooting my own console fix anything that is a bigger EA issue? This also seems to be cross platform. If you look in Fifa 18 > Technical Support > Fifa 18 Career Mode Crash: there are over 70 pages with over 700 comments - many people are facing this issue.


All I require is for some information around this, when will it be fixed? How did it get past the testing stage? Do the studio team work to SLA's? Can you confirm this will be fixed and rolled out to previous saves? If it can't be 1) fixed - then what is the next option? Refunds? or 2) be applied to previous saves - I would like my EASFC completely replenished.


This has been ongoing for over 3 weeks, with little transparency apart from various members of EA staff saying this is being "worked on" - please some transparency here would be really appreciated.




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Re: Fifa 18 Career Mode Crash

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Please share this BUG on twitter with #fifa18bug

EA is ridiculous, Teeth bared

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Re: Fifa 18 Career Mode Crash

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If you look at EA community managers profiles, they were online answering a lot of topics, but mostly related with FUT.
I know we're not spending extra money in fancy players that you can use 3 times, but we deserve respect.
Just talk to us, let us know how are you planning to solve this...

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Re: Fifa 18 Career Mode Crash

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Why is this topic pinned by EA?Disappointed

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