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Re: Fifa 17 No Sound/Audio (PC)

by sm00theee

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Fifa 17 No Sound/Audio (PC)

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Hi, I have a problem where there is absolutely no audio/sound when I play Fifa 17 (PC)? No sound effects, no music, no commentary, no anything. Really confused as to why this is happening as I had no problems with Fifa 16. Fifa 17 also runs completely fine - there's just no sound?!


I've tried all the different audio settings (stereo, 5.1, 7.1) and back again, I've tried plugging headphones in and unplugging headphones, I've tabbed out of the game to check it isn't muted by the volume mixer, and I've also repaired the game twice and when that didn't work I uninstalled it and did a clean install - nothing works!


Very frustrating - can anyone help? If not I'm going to have to get a refund I guess.




UPDATE: I've been fiddling around trying to find a solution and noticed that sometimes when I tab out of the game and then back in a couple of times, the audio/sound suddenly springs into life. However, the audio/sound will then cut out again randomly as I'm playing the game, perhaps 15-20mins later. The tabbing in and out is also not a guarantee of getting the sound to work and I have to restart the game and start the whole farce over again. Is there a solution to this?!


UPDATE #2: Chatted with a member of the EA live messenger support service who tried to fix this problem. Unfortunately no solutions offered worked for me but I thought I would list them here in case they help anyone else:


  • Run the game as Administrator
  • Run the game in Compatibility mode for Windows 8
  • Do a System Restore to the nearest restore point possible (to minimize amount of lost data/files)

Since none of this worked for me, I'm trying to get in touch with EA again to see if they have any other possible solutions. I'll update again with the results...




UPDATE #3: Hi everyone! A lovely member of the EA support service found a solution that worked for me (and hopefully you too!). I performed a clean boot and this has since allowed me to play the game with audio. However, if I then quit the game and try to play it again... no sound! So I have to restart my laptop each time I want to play it but that's a big improvement over no audio/sound!


To perform a clean boot on Windows 10...


  • In System Configuration, select the Services tab
  • Check the Hide All Microsoft Services box and click the Disable All button
  • Select the Startup tab and click the Disable All button, then click the Apply button
  • Restart when prompted

Here is the Microsoft link on how to perform a clean boot:


I hope this helps everyone who has been having problems! If not, EA also suggested running CCleaner and that may fix the issue.

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Re: Fifa 17 No Sound/Audio (PC)

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i also have problem there is no comentari 

volume is on 10

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Re: Fifa 17 No Sound/Audio (PC)

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Same problem here.

Tried to repair the game via origin (right click on the game>repair) - nothing.


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Re: Fifa 17 No Sound/Audio (PC)

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I also have same problem and please EA staff give direction to me how to solve this problem. I am very disappointed. Urgent. 

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Re: Fifa 17 No Sound/Audio (PC)

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FUxking BUG!!



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Re: Fifa 17 No Sound/Audio (PC)

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I also have this problem I tried everything but it still has no sound... 

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Re: Fifa 17 No Sound/Audio (PC)

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its 2017 and still no update to fix this issue! EA HELP!!!!

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Re: Fifa 17 No Sound/Audio (PC)

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I have the same problem. No audio at all. Tried different solution like:

  • Switch from 7.1-5.1 to Stereo.
  • Audio devices and disabled all you aren't using. if you're using headphones disable your monitor audio output.
  • Clean install
  • Remove special sound effects
  • Run the game as Administrator
  • Run the game in Compatibility mode for Windows 8

Still no fix.

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Re: Fifa 17 No Sound/Audio (PC)

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I think I have found out what's causing the sound to go into hiding for EA games. I had this issue with Fifa 17 and then with Battlefield 1 so started to investigate...didn't want to restart every time I played an EA game...posting here so might help someone...


@v0dka-trash thanks for your work on this. It gave me a direction to investigate further. So what I did was, enable/disable each process in system configuration>services tab and startup tab on task manager (startup has moved from msconfig to task manager in windows 10)...after all this...I finally found out only disabling "alienware sound center" fixed the issue. So you don't need to disable all services, disable this in task manager>startup tab, restart your PC and the sound should be back. 


This might be a possible solution for Alienware laptops. I got a Alienware 17 R4....I will talk with Alienware support to report this. Hopefully they will release a patch. I don't expect EA to do anything to help. 

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Re: Fifa 17 No Sound/Audio (PC)

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@danishmuneer Nice catch, hopefully, it will be of help to others. 

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