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Feats not tracking properly (feedback)

by jayenelle

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Feats not tracking properly (feedback)

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I'm sure it's just a UI issue, rather than a gameplay issue, but this option in the Cortex is confusing.



Only tracks while in any varying mission. Feedback: then why list it in the Cortex at all? If it's supposed to be real-time, then it shouldn't be seen here, as it can be confusing that it is empty.

It's bugged and actually isn't tracking properly.

The feat is duplicated for general viewing. Feedback: I think UI should be streamlined, but not necessarily over-generalized. If a Feat is for a Stronghold, keep it under Stronghold, etc.


Either way, if it's listed this way for ease of recall, it doesn't seem to be working correctly, in any of it's possible forms.

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