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Family Guy: Tapped Out?

by NobleeDukee

Original Post

Family Guy: Tapped Out?

★★★★ Newbie

Will there by anychance ever be a Family Guy: Tapped out? I think it'd be great for Family Guy enthusiasts and the concept would be similar to that of the simpsons. Instead of Homer blowing up the nuclear power plant, stewie and brian would scramble up all of quahog through time travel?


i'd really look forward for this.

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Re: Family Guy: Tapped Out?

★★ Newbie
I would love this having a family guy. American dad. And Cleveland show tapped out Called something like The family dad show
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Re: Family Guy: Tapped Out?

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I hear it will be soon.

EA needs to pull up their socks. My game really sucks at this point and I have paid over $200 to get donuts playing. And for the **bleep** that is now going on with my game is a joke. It has been in with customer service since Feb 11th.... they are still trying to figure out what is wrong.


Bring on Family Guy.....   I am ready!

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