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False advertisement

by Peperlu

Original Post

False advertisement

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Ok… so after 4 days, 8 advisors and a completely useless phone call, here I am. Because they told me to go here… Teeth bared

Basically, I was asking for compensation for the false advertisement on March 15th, announcing Darth Revan on 21st. I could care less that CG retracted on it on the same day (which I learned one Week later!), the false advertissment was still released and THAT is the one I saw.

So I spent a LOT of crystals the next 7 days (8,200 exactly) to be sure to get ready for March 21st, but then Carrie announced, QUITE LATE ON MARCH 21st, that there would be a delay.

My point is, I wouldn't have spent these crystals if I hadn't see that false announcement, because I would have been ok, just farming normally til the delay! Plus, some of these crystals were bought in the shop, they aren't all from arena rewards.

So I want my crystals back! All 8,2k of it… and considering you made me lose a couple hours, on 4 days, with all the stupid tickets just to send me here in the end… oh well, I wouldn't go as far as asking for twice that, even if I fkn deserve it.

I even received the bs answer "I can't do that, sorry" a couple times through my tickets, even if I know for a fact a guildie got 5k in compensation, via the same ticket system than me, doing the exact same thing I did. And he invested less cash than me in the game… so how freaking stupid is that? No matter what you say, that they can or can't, I don't care, I know they did, period. If you are ready to gamble ur job for my crystals, I can even give you the ticket case number where he received 5k crystals so you can verify (and yes, it happened this morning on March 25th!!). While I have to go through hours to retype the same stuff in 4 different ticket, talking over a dozen advisors and even got one on the phone (that's the one who told me to post over here).

That's just complete nonsense really… but hey, I'm a good guy so...I'll even lose some more time to attach both files again… the one exposing the false advertissment and the screenshot of my guildie 5k compensation… let's see where it goes from here but I'm not really optimistic about it!! Because honestly, EA customer's service is the worst one I saw in my whole life… surprise me!!

Sorry for sounding harsh but I bet anybody would be, after 4 days of this bs bouncing around the different customer's services platform...

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Re: False advertisement

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Here's the math about the 8,2k crystals.

March 15-16-17-18-19-20-21 = 7 days

Carth Onasi = 3 x 100 (each fleet energy refresh) + 25 & 50 for both node resets = 375 crystals per day
375 x 7 days = 2,625 crystals + un 25 shards pack for 2,000 crystals from the weekly shop = 4,625 crystals spent uselessly because of this false advertisement.

Juhani = 3 x 50 (each normal energy refresh) + 25 & 50 for both node resets = 225 crystals per day
225 x 7 days = 1,575 crystals + a 25 shards pack for 2,000 from the weekly shop = 3,575 total crystals

4,625 + 3,575 = 8,200 crystals!!!
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Re: False advertisement

Community Manager

Hi @Peperlu, I've popped a DM your way there. Could you check your inbox for a message from me? 


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Re: False advertisement

[ Edited ]
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Hi Lanna, checked my inbox and replied with the infos you needed, thanks.

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Re: False advertisement

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@EA_Lanna any news?
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