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Failed to move Sim

by sc3dqp9ugkbi

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Failed to move Sim

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A fellow player has requested one of my Sims to move into their household. I haven't seen this player become inactive so I'm confident that I'll be seeing my Sim in their household the moment I accepted the request. But days went by and I haven't seen my Sim. This player has the three same active Sims so I figured the fourth slot is intended for my Sim. After all, move in requests can't be done or sent unless the requesting player has a free slot. It's not difficult to see the notification for new messages in this game so I don't know why my Sim is nowhere to be found. Is there a case wherein a Sim failed to move into a new household? I'm worried that my Sim somehow got "lost". Is that possible? Is there a known bug that causes that kind of error? 



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