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FUT champoins error and disconnection

by Paulronaldo07

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FUT champoins error and disconnection

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So here is the problem. I was playing FUT champions the other day and grinding to get to gold 1. Everything was going great and won the first 6 matches till i match up with someone and when his squad appeared on my screen all of the sudden i got an error that says that there was a problem with directx and that they recommend me to download the last driver version of Nvidia to avoid this error from happening again. 


The thing is i had my driver updated and afterwards i checked directx version and downloaded a new one. After that i played couple of games and boom the same error again. The 2 times it counted for 2 losses so i lost 2 games and my motivation to play went to ground.


I don't care that much if i dissconnect, but lossing matches that i haven't even played is weird and outrageous. I was hoping to get a compensation or something, but we all know that's not gonna happen.


That's why i want to make sure this doesn't occure again in the next FUT champoin games.



Platform: PC

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