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Re: FUT Squad Battles Bugs on PC

by milamber182

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FUT Squad Battles Bugs on PC

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Playing FUT Squad Battles and 3 times this week I've been screwed over.


1 was a random crash during the match.


2 were the half-time bug. This is where the crowd audio is stuck on a low volume loop that doesn't react to the match, the Start button on my Xbox One Controller is disabled and the players stand around at half-time with no way to progress to the 2nd half. The only course of action is to Ctrl-Alt-Del and Terminate the game.


This results in a 3-0 Loss with no Coin or Points Rewards. This is not acceptable. If EA cannot provide a crash-free game they should not penalise people for crashes out of their control. How about letting us replay the matches in question? At the very least they should fix the half-time bug.


Is it worth me ringing the technical support team in Australia or is it a waste of time because EA don't care?


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Re: FUT Squad Battles Bugs on PC

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It's a total pain in the * and I've been robbed of wins like many others because of the half-time bug,
but the only workaround I know of right now is to exit fifa and Origin and reload after EVERY match Disappointed

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Re: FUT Squad Battles Bugs on PC

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Didn't help either, i started up fifa and got into a squad battles game and that one bugged out aswell. So it can happen whenever, i will miss out on top 100 because it happened twice in two days.

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Re: FUT Squad Battles Bugs on PC

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I have the same problem. I didnt change anything in my computer. I reinstalled fifa18 by origin and still have the same problem. All my losts by 3-0 in squad battles its because that
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Re: FUT Squad Battles Bugs on PC

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Another day... another computer freeze durng Squad Battles Disappointed


This game really hates my PC.

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