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FUT Draft Crashing at 4 mins

by Bdoghog

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FUT Draft Crashing at 4 mins

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I've spoken to EA staff via chat, and they have said that because this issue has not been shown on EA forums much, that they believe it's a problem with my PC, so I'm posting it here...


Tried playing 2 games of FUT Draft so far, both resulting in freezing at 4 mins in. After waiting a while with nothing happening, I had to close the game. The first time it was not an issue as I could get my token back by using the online tool, but I am being declined it for the 2nd time that it has happened. 


If anyone else has this issue please state below.

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Re: FUT Draft Crashing at 4 mins

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Yeah I’m coming across the same issue, it 100% is not my pc as it is s solid piece of kit and I’ve already played numerous games without an issue.


i have two thoughts here it’s either the server at eas side that has sh*t the bed or it’s someone doing dodgy stuff to cheese a draft win. 


Either way way I’ll be raising a complaint, I used irl money for this!!

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