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FUT 21 Matchmaking

by HeyImUnholy

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FUT 21 Matchmaking

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Hi, So i´m wondering if anyone else had this experience and how they got to enjoy the game. I just started yesterday, after years of not playing, bought it for the ultimate team. Now i expected to get destroyed in placement games, but I figured that once i hit rock bottom i will play other people with starter teams, and i was wrong. My team is 76 overall and all i play is 86-92 rated teams at the lowest division, which led to me quitting the last few games because i feel like I am too late to play FUT, especially now that I have a DNF and am getting punished while i am just spectating the game losing 15-0 every time without being able to touch the ball. Does anyone know how to get around this and play online, get some coins and start to play vs people of my skill and team level, because right now I´m thinking of dropping fifa for anothing 5-6 years.


Thanks for anyone that can help me find a solution, I have no money to spend on packs since the corona times are harsh and I really would like to enjoy the game , winning or losing , but playing fair matches that give everyone a chance.



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Re: FUT 21 Matchmaking


Play squad battles to earn coins and rewards.

Do objectives and milestones to get decent free players and packs. The players available in objectives and milestones require you to play friendlies with 77 rated teams.

If you see sbcs like the 82-88 rated guarantee then try and do it a few times, you will get something better than what you already have.

I wouldn't play rivals at this time of the year unless your starting 11 is on average 84+ rated. It is quite easy to build such a squad using the methods i mentioned. Also take time to choose your tactics and player instructions as default tactics are not good in rivals for any formation.

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Tag me @SumFiiin for help
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