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Re: FIFA/FUT 18 gets worse every week (PC version)

by milamber182

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FIFA/FUT 18 gets worse every week (PC version)

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This morning I was playing Squad Battles.


First 2 matches:


1-0 Win on Professional

5-0 Loss on Professional


I used the same squad, same opposition rating/chem. The 2nd team was a little better at passing and using strength and that was enough for them to dominate and demolish my higher rated, 100 chem team of fast skillful players (Martial, Dembele, Benzema, Lemar, Matuidi, Bakayoko, Mbappe etc).


Third game froze my computer in the 1st half. 4th game I won easily 4-0 on Semi-Pro with a weaker team. Next I played a TOTW match and it froze my computer in the 1st half.


The Companion App is telling me I'm logged into another device, which is nonsense.


I can run the game at 120fps with 3K DSR on a GTX 1070 so performance is not a problem. Career mode barely crashes at all. Most of my other games are 100% stable. I don't get how FUT can be so buggy. I do have a slow 3.5Mbit internet connection so maybe that's an issue.

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Re: FIFA/FUT 18 gets worse every week (PC version)

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Figured out it was the latest Nvidia drivers causing the latest crashes.

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