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FIFA 21 origin Controller issues

by miketk7

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FIFA 21 origin Controller issues

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Having controller issues only within the fifa 21 menu, keeps just scrolling down to the left, in game its perfectly fine. I've literally tried all the solutions I've found on forms including contacting EA support which they tell me there's nothing they can do. I spend 100+ dollars on a game i expect to be able to play it. the most frustrating part is it worked fine always until their last updates that they had now the games basically unplayable for me since I cant navigate through the menu to get into a game in the first place! Someone I'm begging please help me out.

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Re: FIFA 21 origin Controller issues

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Hi @miketk7,

Hmm, can you try this please and let me know if it recurs?

Disable cloud saves in Origin under Origin - Application Settings - Installs and Saves. Then change the name of the FIFA 21 folder to FIFA 21 copy, this directory is located in C:\Users\USERNAME\Documents\, then restart the game.

Warning! Single player game saves like Career Mode and Tournaments will be lost, the backup copy of locally saved games will be in the "FIFA 21 Backup" folder.
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