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FIFA 19 - Missing players from club after 8/26/19 maintenance.

by AllianzZero467

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Re: Cannot connect to FUT

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Can not connect on fifa fut app also

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Re: App

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I feel the same lol

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Re: Cannot connect to FUT

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I'm also from India and mine is down too , I can't enter fut

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Re: Cannot connect to FUT

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FUT is down in Romania too.. is there a problem with the servers ?

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Re: Cannot connect to FUT

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The same from Portugal 

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Re: Cannot connect to FUT

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@imonkeyboard Is it saying that you don’t have a ea account?
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Error connecting to fifa 19 ultimate team

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Every time I’ve tried to get on ultimate team it has said “we are sorry but there has been an error connecting to FIFA 19 ultimate team” it has been doing this since 1 day before the futmas update and I’ve phoned EA customer service and nothing they said to do would work, can anyone help?

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Re: Fifa 19 web app - says I don’t have a club

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@CptKirkyBoy I hope ea sorts this out soon coz I have cut champs to play and atm I’m 15-0 ffs ea sort your game out
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I logged into my ultimate team and 2 of my players are missing (90 Rio Ferdinand, 96 sbc Sterling) they are no longer in my club when I logged back on after the maintenance and there is no way in the contact page to slice this problem so what could I do pls help as I’m actually quite upset about this due to how much time I’ve out into the game and the players are now jsut gone

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Dot.: Missing

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I have this some problem with Sterling.

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