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Extreme fps drops on a 1050ti

by That_Jordaan

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Extreme fps drops on a 1050ti

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I have a Ryzen 5 1400 and a 1050ti and 8GB of ram, and anthem is completely and utterly unplayable, it will be at 60fps and every few seconds it will drop to 3 and so forth, making it an awful experience, I've tried everything suggested elsewhere such as V-SYNC off, optimal power. trilinear optimization etc, everthing is a low as it can be in game, and ive tried turning down the resolution and O/C the gpu and nothing has made any difference, the only slightly dodgy piece of hardware is a really old and half knackered HDD, but everything else is up to scratch and when comparing it to benchmark videos with similar specs the performance is drastically different so any help would be immensely appreciated , thankyou Standard smile

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