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Evolution at 98 & Mountain at 99 overall, is this normal for Rim Protector?

by M4DF3rn

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Evolution at 98 & Mountain at 99 overall, is this normal for Rim Protector?

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So I never upgrade my icon and have been playing with a 98 evolution since last year. Last night decide to do the mountain and had 13 extra sp points so I upgraded the mountain inside shot at once and to my surprise I'm a 99 even though I have yet to finish the icon progression. Now I had 2 extra sp points left. I have level 100 in xp so I'm at the max.


When I go to character in main menu my base evolution is a 89 and my mountain is 90. When I go to edit player in skills and swap my icon from evolution to mountain and backout to save I become a 99. When I go back again and swap from mountain to evolution right before I back out to main screen before it saves I'm a 99 but, when I go through the save process it resets me to 98 overall even though on previous screen it stated 99 with evolution but had not saved so technically it was still reading stats for moutain.


It basically made my mountain a 99 overall and evolution a 98 overall. My base character when viewed in create a player is a 89 overall on evolution making me maxed with gold traits at 98 and for mountain I'm a 90 overall basic maxing me at 99 with gold traits. I use the same traits for both icons, Wind spirit, marathon runner and catch and finish all gold.


Is this normal? Are both icons suppose to reach 99 or is there one icon that's better than the other in overall? I made my evolution in demo maybe that's why. The mountain, I opened that icon last night just to see what would happen.

I have been aware of the demo glitch thing but some ppl said that certain builds or icon path prevent you from getting a 99 overall. I think this is normal and not all icon path reach 99...

What's are your experiences?

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