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Re: Errorcode : 9.57

by EA_Lanna

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Errorcode : 9.57

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Hi, since this morning, the ios app is blocked at the launching screen. The reporting errorcode is 9.57. 

I tried to reinstall the app, switch from wifi to cellular but it is the same. 

Does anybody know how to fix it ?

My ally code is 632-361-871


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Re: Errorcode : 9.57

Community Manager

Hi @Lerotisseur689, it sounds like you've performed the Connectivity troubleshooting steps for iOS already. It might be best to contact the EA Help team directly for assistance.


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GA connection errors

★★ Novice

often getting connection lag and then “restart client” message trying to get into GAC fights. This is a regular happening over multiple strong WiFi and cellular networks. Error code 9.57. Just so tired of the bs game and not having a system in place to to prevent losing a squad. 


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Error Code 9.57 Constant Problems

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This has been going on for months, and I don't remember it ever happening in the past. Any time you go from cell to wifi or oppo the game gives you a Connection Lost error, then forces a restart and wipes your attempt/team etc, so you will lose out on an arena attempt, a gac squad (with it counting as an attack), a tw attempt (also still counting the attack) etc etc. I guess there's enough connection to wipe your attempt but not enough to just play the attempt? This was not a problem until a few months ago iirc. Will anything be done about this? I used to be able to walk the dog around the block and the game would just switch back and forth from wifi to cellular, like any normal game or website or w/e one would do, but something clearly changed. imo


error code pic

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Re: Error Code 9.57 Constant Problems

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@GifafiTho and again. rip my gac.
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