Error when submitting SBC

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Re: After you submit 12 squads in any league you are being bo...

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Still not fixed? Wonder if theese rats would have fix it, if it was a bugging lightning round.

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Re: La Liga SBC makes me Disconnect

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So goes my last chance to pack Napoli players , Hernandez or dare i say...CR7 my dream Frown

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Re: Error when submitting SBC

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@EA_Cade any update on this issue...??

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Re: Error when submitting SBC

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Hey all, 


Quick update: A workaround has been identified by the community that I will post below, in the meantime there are no further updates I can provide on this at the moment as the FIFA team are still investigating the root cause of this issue. 


The workaround is as follows and will only work with teams you haven't already gotten the error on : 

  • Fill in the SBC Squad on your console.
  • Go to the Web App and complete the SBC submission.

Edit: We've received reports that the workaround above doesn't work 100% of the time, but as of now it's your best shot for these SBC's.

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Re: Error when submitting SBC

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My issue has been PS4, Webapp and companian app based. As such, that soultion doesn't work for my issue.

For some reason it won't let me submit even if I do as suggested

(I've had this problem for like 24 hours now)

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Re: Error when submitting SBC

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The Workaround suggested doesn't seem to work for me unfortunately. 12 squads of the pro league done. I tried the suggested method on a squad I hadn't yet started and it still does not allow me submit the squad.

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Error submitting SBC

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I was trying to submit a Premier league SBC on the companion app but it wouldn't submit, no error message but nothing happens. When I try to move players around in the SBC squad it says failed to save changes. Tried submitting another club in the Premier League SBC but the same problem happened, however when I submit any other SBC elsewhere outside the Premier league SBCs no problem occurs and it works fine. I then tried submitting any of the Premier league SBCs on console and I get kicked out of ultimate team, but again no problems occurs when I submit other SBCs not in the Premier League SBC section. Would very much appreciated if someone could help.

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Re: Error when submitting SBC

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We tried that all last night. It doesn't work. It only works for people who haven't had the message come up. If you've had the message come up and have completed exactly 12 squads of a Leagues SBC, you're still screwed.

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Re: Error when submitting SBC

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@EA_Cade this workaround does not work. I had the error with the Eredivisie VVV squad, afterwards I tried your method with the AZ squad that I hadn't tried yet and it still won't submit.

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Re: La Liga SBC makes me Disconnect

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Good day, any updates?

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