Error when submitting SBC

by Anomandaris7

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Fifa 21 SBC banned !

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Hi !

I am getting "unable to connect to FUT server " message when i try to submit my League sbc of a team in FIFA 21. 

It started with premier league league sbc, in which i am unable to submit the specific team sbc after completing it. Getting the above mentioned error and it kicks me out to title screen of FIFA 21.


Also tried submitting via mobile app and web app and it does not get submitted. 


I was able to do other league specific sbc for few minutes and then suddenly same thing happened with la liga league sbc. 


I am still able to do other upgrade sbc's but not above mentioned league sbc's.


Does is mean i am sbc banned ??? 


Please help 

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Re: i cannot do league sbc

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@reddevilsteel Have the same problem
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I cant do league sbc

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I have the same problem as other People on fut. Please fix it EA 

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Re: sbcs won’t submit

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It is doing it to me on all my sbcs it won’t let me submit any 

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Re: Error when submitting SBC

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I have the same problem!


For me it is the CSL and the mexican League that just kick me out of FUT when I want to submit a Squad in the League SBC Frown


Sudamerica e.g. works fine.


I've also tried rebooting the console/deleting FUT Squad from profile etc.


Web App and Companion also wont let me submit the Squads but without any error message

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Re: sbcs won’t submit

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I have just found out that this is an issue we're aware of and it's currently being investigated. Apologies for the trouble! Please keep ane ye on our official channels for updates. Thanks!

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Re: Error when submitting SBC

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Same for me with prem half way through and won’t let me do anymore
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Re: sbcs won’t submit

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I had the same thing! Just submitted the Eredivisie VVV SBC on the companion app. First nothing happens, then when I log out and back in the SBC is completed but no pack was given….

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Re: i cannot do league sbc

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Same problem here with Seattle Sounders (won’t let me exchange) and VVV (first won’t let me exchange, then after logging out and in it is marked complete but there is no pack handed out….)

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Re: sbcs won’t submit

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I’m having the same problem with la liga sbc. I can’t submit it. I managed to do marquee matchups but when I try submitting the Levante sbc I get an error message and kicked off fut. Any solutions? 
Help would be appreciated 

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