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Re: Error retrieving live service data

by micelak

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Error retrieving pilot data, please help.

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I played a littie bit when it launch, then I come back at night I got this message:56443.PNG


After Okay I got this.....56443.PNG


After these two, the game just doing endless loop of restarting itself. My internet can play other games such as Apex Legends, I don't think my network has problem tho Frown

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Re: Error retrieving pilot data, please help.

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I am having the exact same problem, i could play the first mission, then the game crashed and i can no longer log into game. 

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Re: Error retrieving pilot data, please help.

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Same here

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Re: Error retrieving pilot data, please help.

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Having a similar issue, game loads and connects but whenever I start the first mission after the prologue I DC within a minute everytime. Happened about 10 times in a row and I've given up. I can play anything else on my PC with no problems.
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Re: Error retrieving pilot data, please help.

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I have the same issue, just got to level 8 and had to end task on an endless loading screen, tried to go strait back in and got this.

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Error retrieving pilot data please restart to continue!!!

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Really disappointed with the launch of this game. When it works it’s great to play however I have spent more time reloading and restarting after connection drops I find it an insult that this has been release in such a bad state. 


I am am unable to progress past the story mission ‘find Haluk and Faye at “Princess” Zhim’s Hideout. Each time I make it through the cut scene after entering the hideout I crash out to the news board. 


Come on guys. This is embarrassing. I truly considering cancelling my PS4 preorder. Feels unplayable right now. 


Win 10

GTX 1080 ti



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Re: Error retrieving pilot data, please help.

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Your not alone. I am receiving this after a cut scene in one of the story missions.

Very very frustraiting.
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Re: Error retrieving pilot data, please help.

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Same, can't go further into the story because of this issue... :/

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Error retrieving live service data

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Game disconnects me after completing any missions/free-play (90%). Some instances I make it to the end missions screen and I'm locked there forced to end the game process (The skip option does nothing). This prevents me from getting any items outside of materials collected.  Once I've been disconnected this way the launcher endlessly cycles to what seems to be reconnecting and failing. I'm presented with error such as "Error Retrieving Pilot Data" and "Error Retrieving live service data." I have to end the process and re-launch about 2 or 3 times before it lets me in.  Once I've been able to get back into the game, I've received EXP/Coin Rewards but no items from the missions. 


I've followed all of the connection issue troubleshooting an I have had no luck.


I've Restarted Router/Modem

I've hardwired my connection

I've set Origin and Anthem to run as Administrator

I've Flushed my DNS

I've run a Clean Boot

I've open my Ports

I've Enabled UPnP

I've updated my NAT settings

I've verified I'm using IPv4

I've verified I'm using DX11

I've repaired the game

I've ran the game with different languages

I've reinstalled the game twice

I've deleted the "Pilot" i started the game with (3 hours gone)

I've reinstalled Origin


I've gone though every post I could find with a similar issue and none of the "Solutions" fixed this issue.


Video showing what is happening when I disconnect.  This happened when I started a Free roam mission.  It crashed before the mission started.


Hope someone can help or else this game is unplayable.



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Re: Error retrieving live service data

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Saw a series of similar complaints about this. I am experiencing same. Talked to their support, basically went down black hole of network connectivity checks on my side. I play Apex Legends and Starwars Battlefront, no connection problem or issues, along with many other online games....If other games are fine, and your game is failing, look to the delta.
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