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Re: Error retrieving Anthem live service data [PC]

by bibirsa22

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Re: Error retrieving Anthem live service data [PC]

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Interesting as the exact same problem is present with PS4 users, myself included , ever since the 23 April 1 .10 update. Been hoping to get an EA response or help. Any possible solution or update ? Please and  thanks 

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Anthem servers

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Have been trying to log in to Anthem most of the morning after updating with patch and getting knowhere, I keep getting the same msg that it cant log in to live service data, whats going on?

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Error: 0xd345ba5caebe7a49-200000000-S

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Keep getting this error. Any suggestions?

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Re: Error: 0xd345ba5caebe7a49-200000000-S

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I'm getting the same error show up 1 in 10 times, otherwise it just says connection problem unable to connect... 

Havnt been able to play since 1.20 patch on my ps4

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Re: Error: 0xd345ba5caebe7a49-200000000-S

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I am getting the same issue now ever since new patch i am unable to play.. I am in South Africa. Never had this issue before Frown My other EA games BF2 and Apex play fine but not Anthem.

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Re: Error: 0xd345ba5caebe7a49-200000000-S

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Same issues herre om PC. I have tried all the hoops and suggestions - nothing works. They just don’t seem to care enough to acknowledge the issues and find a fix for it.

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Re: Error: 0xd345ba5caebe7a49-200000000-S

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Hi there
On a PS4 (from South Africa, Cape Town) and have had the same issue since the 1.10 Patch/Update. All problem solving issues have been followed as listed on various places in this forum with no effect to date. I'll admit that I'm concerned, disappointed and find all this very disconcerting. Quite a bit of money was spent buying this game and it really seems I've been robbed of a R1000. @Cmd_Hagen, a few others too, was fortunate enough to receive an answer as I've gotten none to any posts made since the 1.10 patch. Even went as far as re-initialising my PS4 with no effect. Like many are hoping .... I too look to this being resolved. Many weeks have gone by now with no solution, answers, help or playability on the horizon. Please, some help and real solution would be great. If possible can EA/Origin then at least refund us all in some way if there is no solution/fix. A reply that is of value would be appreciated ... please. Hopefully I won't have to post again regarding this.

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