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Error problem proccesing game logic

by kaos006

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cl_survival_inventory.nut #1647 


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Hello there! I've encountered this error as well. See attachment.


I am playing on a low-tier PC, friend of mine is playing on a high-tier PC. Both got kicked from the game while looting 1 specific lootbox.


So this is what happened:

  • Friend Donator6 looted purple lootbox. The game quickly showed the attached screenshot.
  • Seconds later I open the same lootbox (other lootboxes at that graveyard could be opened), also encountered the same issue.

I feel bad for our teammate... but maybe he decided to loot that box as well Sick


This happened at 10-03-2019 21:58 GMT+1. 

I don't think this is related to hardware.


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I'm already tired of this, I can't play the game anymore, almost everytime, every match, this is happening since the 'PC CRASH UPDATE'. If anyone could help me with that, I would be very grateful, thank you.

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Apex Error Processing Game Logic #1939

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Currently getting a crash about half of the time that I die in game and spectate either my teammates or opponents. It sends me back to the start screen and gives me this image. Would love to know what could be causing this I have googled the entire error as well as pieces of it and have not found anything regarding it. Thanks!

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THERE was a problem processing game logic #1793

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Xbox One Error Bloodhound

[ Edited ]
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I tried to spectate a Bloodhound while he was on Beast of the Hunt mode and i got this error.

My character is Bangalore.

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Re: Xbox One Error Bloodhound

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Re: Xbox One Error Bloodhound

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Xbox One S.

Playing Mirage.

Killed by Pathfinder.

Error after death.                     

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Apex - Processing game logic error

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What is this??? I lost 2 rank points for this
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Re: Apex - Processing game logic error

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got the same problem couple of days ago mate Frown(

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