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Error problem proccesing game logic

by kaos006

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Error problem proccesing game logic

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i keep getting this error mid game randomly  i cant find anything on it.   error  there was a problem processing game logic.. please try again.         mp/sh-coms-menu.nut#1121  {client} Index"6"is beyond array size of 5

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Array Error

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Heya, found a crash I can reliably reproduce. Using a Razer mouse that has 12 buttons on the sides that signify (1 through =) on the keyboard. I use 4 to use my healing supplies, and I've found if I fatfinger 7 while also hitting 4, my game will crash to menu with an error saying:




There was a problem processing game logic.

Please try again.


mp/sh_comms_menu.nut #1121

[CLIENT] Index "6" is beyond array size of 5






Appreciate what you guys are doing with this game, keep it up!

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"There was a problem processing game logic. Please try again." Error

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Very confused as to how I got this one. 

Was literally just me and my teammates vs. one guy, than got hit with this. Made me want to uninstall the game, it was infuriating Devil

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Crash with Error now?

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Normally, I've been crashing without Errors, however after the update I got this while playing. 



There was a problem processing game logic.

Please try again.




[CLIENT] First argument isn't a setting block



Hopefully this helps in tracking down whats causing all the crashes? 

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Re: Crash with Error now?

Community Manager

Sorry to see that you are having issues @Mayhem989.

Best thing to do when you see this error is to restart the game.


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Bloundhound scan ability crash?

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Was playing a game as bloodhound and used my scan ability and then got booted out of the game instantly with a message saying that it couldn’t process game logic?


hopefully the photo i took should be attached? First time this has ever happened.

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Freeze Crash with error message

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Hey everyone,


As I was having consistent crashes to desktop in Apex Legends (about 4 out of 5 games), I was going through the list of potential fixes from this post  I was testing the game every now and then to figure out if it worked properly, and as expected, a new crash but this time to the first loading screen rather than to desktop.

It had an error message with it that i didn't find in any other post online:


There was an error processing game logic

Please try again


mp/sh_gladiator_cards.nut #474

[CLIENT] First argument is a RUI instance that was already destroyed


The "fixes" I tried right before launching were the ones concerning the NVIDIA control panel with ambiant occlusion and power management


I hope you guys will find a solution, meanwhile I will try every fix in the list and comeback to you if it still doesn't work!


Thanks in advance

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Re: Crash with Error now?

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Wow, just wow...


I had a similar problem today in this post, the error message is different but there is one at least.
But man, this answer is not what we are looking for here my friend, not at all.
We are posting here too help developpers to fix the game, help them find a solution for all the crashes the game has..

And you have the guts to say "restart the game when this happens".. please..

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Re: Freeze Crash with error message

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Someone seems to have a similar problem here.

The error message is slightly different but there is one at least

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Re: Crash with Error now?

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lol he really said 'restart the game'?????? no kidding the game crashed buddy. I think people here are looking for answers to PREVENT IT FROM CRASHING in the first place.


if that's truly the type of technical support advisors they have, then sign me up. I'm looking for a job.

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