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Re: Error code 2396

by SchwarzCobra

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Error code 2396 / Progression issues

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Everytime I launch Battlefront 2 as of today it keeps coming up with an error message code 2396. When I play a game, all my characters are set to level 0 and they don't earn any leveling progress nor to I earn any milestone progress in any mode. I can't find reports of this code anywhere else what do I do? I have tried repairing the game twice but this hasn't solved it.

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Re: Error code 2396

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Community Manager

Hi everyone!


FYI, I'll copy F8RGE's (our Star Wars Battlefront Community Manager) message here:


Just a heads up but we are aware of some issues currently affecting Star Wars Battlefront II. The team are aware and currently working to fix it. More info as it develops.

Update #1

Please be aware that while we investigate the online issues, progression may not save. This may affect credits, milestones, progression, skill points and challenges. We're sorry, team are working to resolve.
Update #2

Team are still investigating and working around the clock.
Update #3

Players may see weird error messages, as well as incorrect error messages on the main menu and match information.
Update #4

Team are making progress, we believe to have a handle on the cause. Now working out the best course of action.
Update #5

We have identified the issue and have found a solution. The team are now going through the process of fixing it. This will involve intricate work to critical back end systems and will result in some downtime.

We thank you for your patience and apologize for the disruption to your Star Wars Battlefront II experience.
Update #6

One last thing...The downtime won't be for a few hours. Currently targeting AM CEST, this could change though based on the work that is ongoing behind the scenes.
Update #7

Work is ongoing. Once complete we will bring the servers offline and apply the fix. No ETA just yet, but will keep you posted.

Update #8

Team continue to make progress. We're expecting downtime to happen this morning (Stockholm time), but will provide updates as to when it'll happen. We currently expect downtime to last a few hours.

Update #9

The current plan is to bring the game servers offline at 12:00 Stockholm time.

At this time we believe maintenance could take up to 10 hours.
Taking the game offline for this amount of time is not something we do lightly, but it is needed in order to correct the issue that is affecting approximately 30% of our community. We thank you for your continued patience and understanding.
Update #10

11:40am CEST - Maintenance starts in approximately 20minutes time.
Update #11

12:00 CEST - Maintenance has now started.
Update #12

13:45 CEST - Team are making progress and everything is moving forward as planned. Work continues.
Update #13

15:49 CEST - We've finished 'stage 1' of the work, now onto 'stage 2'. Still on target.
Update #14

17:52 CEST - Team are still working, making progress.
Update #15

19:49 CEST - Progress is ongoing. The team are working on the back end systems that failed and currently working to restore them to their correct operational health. From here it will then be over to the QA teams to do their thing and begin testing.
Update #16

21:39 CEST - Progress continues, but it does look like we're going to run over the estimated ten hours. Unfortunately this cannot be avoided as some of the tasks we are doing are taking longer than expected, and as mentioned earlier, it's not something that can be rushed. We'll bring you more updates as soon as they develop.

Because of the nature of the tests we're currently doing, you may see a more generic 'please check your internet connection' message. This is because while we currently have online gated for everyone (turned off), we need to access it ourselves. As a result, this deactivates the maintenance message within the game.

Update #17

23:48 CEST - Nearing completion, final checks being made. All going to plan we hope to get it online shortly.

Update #18

00:04 - I spoke too soon. Last checks on-going but estimated to take a few more hours. If you're in Europe, head to sleep and we'll see you on the Battlefront tomorrow.

Update #19

00:15 - We'll be continuing the tests through the night, however we've decided that that this means that the servers will not be online before the morning CEST. The reason why it's taking longer is because we are dealing with every aspect of progression, ranks, cards, crates, achievements et al. Because of this, our checks need time to run and to flush out any inconsistencies.

We will have an update at approximately 8:30am CEST. Again, really sorry that you've not been able to play today, we deeply regret that. Thanks for your continued patience and support.

Update #20

For reference, it's currently 00:23am DICE time. In approximately 8 hours we'll have an update. We're currently doing fresh backups along with our tests. We're taking no risks and every precaution we can.

Update #21

08:04 / 26th - Morning everyone. Team are currently checking progression across our player base, making sure there are no inconsistencies. We'd like to get the game online as soon as possible. We'll know more in the next hour.

Update #22

08:27 / 26th- Current plan is to bring the game servers online within the next 15minutes. Hold steady.

Update #23

08:30 / 26th - There may be some minor data inconsistencies (checks will be ongoing through the day), but we believe we've got everything to a place where we can comfortably allow online gameplay.

Update #24

08:32 / 26th - Game servers starting to spin online.

Update #25

09:00 / 26th - Now the servers are online, we can release the small hotfix that we had planned. This was originally due to go live yesterday, but was postponed. Will start to go live in a few hours. Patch notes on the way, mostly Ewok Hunt related.

You can follow any updates on the issue in THIS THREAD on Star Wars Battlefront forum.

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Reinforcement and Trooper level reset?

★ Apprentice

Product: Star Wars Battlefront II
What is your issue related to? General
Summarize your bug All trooper and reinforcement levels reset
What is your gamertag/PSN ID/EA Account name? Ewoks_On_Drugs
How often does the bug occur? Every time (100%)
Can you tell us the date (MM/DD/YYYY) that you saw the bug?
What time did you see the bug? (HH:MM AM/PM)
In what game mode did the bug occur? Galactic Assault
What is your time zone?
Steps: How can we find the bug ourselves? I don't know
What happens when the bug occurs? Nothing I just can't level up my characters
What do you expect to see? For you to fix whatever has happened
Please select your region Europe
AMD or Nvidia Model Number

Literally get home from School and hopped onto sims 4 for like 30 minutes then I decide to go onto Battlefront 2 nothing unusual then suddenly when I get into a game and look at my assault level to check what level I am. It says 0 and I am WTF? I have 310 hours of playtime in this game and it just randomly says Level 0 on everything I have but when I go into my collection on the home menu it says my normal levels etc. 


I will be uploading evidence that something is wrong and also to archive it if this problem becomes a major problem

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Re: Error code 2396

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Hey were you able to figure out what was wrong?
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Re: Error code 2396

★★★★ Novice

Not yet, I'm speaking with EA right now, I've reloaded a number of times (switched off PC, etc etc) with no luck


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Re: Error code 2396

★★ Novice
I have the same problem on ps4. Not only that, but my experience after a round is not calculated at all
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Betreff: Error code 2396

★★ Novice
I have the same problem. Good too know that I don't be the only one with this problem!
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Re: Error code 2396

★★★ Newbie

Same problem on PC

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Re: Error code 2396

★★★ Newbie

Same problem on PC

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Re: Error code 2396

★★★★ Novice

restarting the game didnt work

restarting origin didnt work

restarting pc didnt work

restarting internet connection didnt work


gogo ea :D

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Re: Error code 2396

★★★★★ Novice

Same problem too Frown

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