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Error Loading Pilot Data

by NemoTheImp

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Re: Error Loading Pilot Data

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NemoTheImp sorry for you. This is really annoying and to not have a way to avoid it..... Hope this gets fixed.

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Re: Error Loading Pilot Data

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I was in a group with one friend each time, we had public set so it would fill the other two spots for us. Either I or my friend would get the "pilot data load error" for the following quests:


Hazard Pay (purple contract)

4 pilot error, 2 load- to get it to load we changed the difficulty from GM1 to Hard and back to GM1  **restarted computer/network/launcher/game


Disaster Protocol (purple contract)

8 pilot error, 2 load-changed the difficulty again but wouldn't work so we made it private  **restarted computer/network/launcher/game



8 pilot error, 1 load-changed the difficulty  **restarted computer/network/launcher/game


All yellow colored contracts were pilot error 8 pilot error  **restarted computer/network/launcher/game



EDIT: this is all from today March 14 2019



I know all the restarts are hard on my network but it would work sometimes other times it wouldn't. I used up all of my green crafting mats since the last update and I started getting this error on a more consistent basis. 

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Re: Error Loading Pilot Data

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Hey! The same problem and took from me 3 days of tryharding, BUT I just managed it finally. Here some dark stuff you need to do with your router device: You need to forward all ports for Anthem(Google "Port Forwarding Anthem") just in case, NEXT you need to assign static IP adress for your gaming computer at the router device, NEXT you need to enable UPnP function, and LAST and most important - you need to change your network adapter properties of your computer(not ther router divice) for DNS, there will be local DNS from router (like, need to change for DNS from your ISP.
Good luck, people

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Re: Error Loading Pilot Data

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have done it 2 weeks ago and it doesnt work.
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Re: Error Loading Pilot Data

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@Avitrenko That is one hell of a workload to get a game going. 

not gonna do it, to be honest.  I've paid good money for Anthem and it's the only game that has these kinda persistent and systemic issues. Overwatch? No problem. Any Battlefield? No problem. 


EA and Bioware better get their * together real soon or else this game will be dead and buried within another month

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Re: Error Loading Pilot Data

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I have the same problems since patch 1.02 (14/3/2019). Today EA does not give me any solution. Here in Spain, the community manager does not answer, is disappeared. An embarrassment of assistance and the company.


Error messages:

1.- Connection problem. You have lost the connection to the EA servers. Check your internet connection and try again.

2.- Connection problem. Failed to get Anthem live service data.

3.- Connection problem when updating the pilot data. Try again (4445).

4.- Connection problem. Unknown error.


Normally 10 errors or more every days at least.


Beautiful game but very very poor execution and poor management, is a pity.

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Re: Error Loading Pilot Data

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This errors occur just because of my old router device, and I belive, yours too. So try to plug in internet cable right into your PC - as qick possible solution, and check

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Re: Error Loading Pilot Data

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do not plug ur cable straight into computer, this issue has nothing to do with ur router or ur comp it has to do with there garbage servers. i have a custom built router with upnp and static ip and all ports forwarded and it still doesnt work and it wont work until they put out the dumpster fire in there server room.


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Re: Error Loading Pilot Data

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Still happening to me about 60% of the time I try to load into a game. Takes about 3 tries to finally get a game to load properly which is incredibly frustrating. Doesn’t matter which mission it is, happens on contracts, strongholds and freeplay. 


Ive has this issue since launch and I know a ton of others have as well. Forget about loot balances and added content, please focus on getting the game to work ! 


**p.s. there’s at least a couple other threads with tons of responses on this same topic. Look for them and post so that we keep the topic alive Standard smile

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Re: Error Loading Pilot Data

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Yep, do not do that if you don't wanna play)
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