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Re: Error Loading Pilot Data

by oOElijahOo

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Re: Error Loading Pilot Data

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having the same problem. tried playing this morning got kicked out of three games in a row. then tried again after 4 hours got in to a game then kicked out three quarters of the way through a mission. looks like i won't be playing any more until they get the * together.

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Re: Error loading Pilot Data. Please try again.

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how did you fix it i m in ps4

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Re: Error loading Pilot Data. Please try again.

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Right now, the only way to fix it is to play something else.  I log in, try to play for a bit, and after 4 or 5 pilot error retries I go play Destiny.  At least it loads and works.


You won't get any help here any longer; there's no point posting.  The Mods post once in a while indicating they are aware of the problem (I'm pretty sure everyone is aware of the problem), and a couple of forum heroes will cut and paste the "have you tried this" generic troubleshooting guide which everyone knows also does not work.


Or you can hold out hope that someday they actually fix the problem.  For now, PS4 users are beat.


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Re: Error loading Pilot Data. Please try again.

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Sad but true. I've had this problem since launch and it's only gotten worse.


None of the "fixes" are permanent, and it makes the game near unplayable. Clear syncing problem with the servers which for some reason are not properly refreshed. Any change to cosmetics or loadouts will trigger the problem. There are certain things that SOMETIMES help but it's not 100% of the time and are time-consuming on their own. 


Until they fix it we're SOL. 

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Re: Error loading Pilot Data. Please try again.

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Its so bad that you need 3-4 attempts to load into a stronghold or get the loading pilot data error, and then booted back to the fort. This is worse from Friday morning to Sunday evening. Fix your Servers!

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Re: Error Loading Pilot Data

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I can not even log into the game any more. The game boots to the anthem screen, prompts me to press A then try’s to connect for 30-60 seconds and the gives me a Pilot load error. Can’t adjust load outs or anything. The game is just bricked. Division 2, Destiny and all my other games work fine. Just can’t play anthem any more. And this has been for over a month. I check every time there is an update. No change. 

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