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Re: Error Loading Pilot Data

by sakiboj77

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Re: Error Loading Pilot Data

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I got this error at 1310 EST today, after server downtime. Guess they didn't fix anything. I still load in as Lvl 1. I launched the mission, was flying to the waypoint and then got another loading screen with the all too familiar "error loading pilot data".  Of course my sigils are gone as well. 

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Re: Error Loading Pilot Data

★★★ Apprentice

This game makes me sad. I want to like it, but I actually need to be able to play it. 


4 for 4. Got in game, launched mission, entered mission, immediately bounced to loading screen and "error loading pilot data". 

How many times should I try before this becomes something EA will fix? For now, I'll wait until I read about it getting fixed in a future patch. 

Pathetic showing for a game developer of any size.

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Re: Error Loading Pilot Data

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I've had this problem for the last two weeks. Either I'm queuing into Strongholds, freeplay or any mission, I fly towards the objective and I get loaded outside and get the  "error loading pilot data". I've only managed to play freeplay twice out of probably ten times because this happens. But to be fair, it has happened almost everytime I enter "quickplay" aswell, hence I don't even bother trying queuing for it anymore.  But it occurs in all modes, which makes me log off and play something entirely different.

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Re: Error Loading Pilot Data

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I don't even try quickplay. I either get the loading error or I get in and there is NO mission in progress. 

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Error loading Pilot Data. Please try again.

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This is getting ridiculous I either login to free play with my character having no head literally or the armor is somehow changed cosmetically and then the game just loads me out giving me this error message this is happened to me three times today just a few moments ago it happened twice in a row what is going on?

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Re: Error Loading Pilot Data

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Freeplay and I constantly getting this message whole evening


Error Loading Pilot Data


But I noticed that when this message happens, usually loooooong loading screen happens and that is on m2 drive.


I am sick of this game, crap performance and conectivity issues.


I often recap at end of year what is THE game I wasted money on and I can tell you 9 months in front that if something doesnt change it will be Anthem.


Bet I would get heart attack if I bought this on ps4 Standard smile

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Re: Error loading Pilot Data. Please try again.

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I had the same issue last night. Went through four sets of consumables for absolutely no reason. 

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Re: Error loading Pilot Data. Please try again.

★★ Guide

unplayable to me aswell. good job bioware, you just sold a copy of division 2 (a game I had less than 0 interest in).

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Re: Error Loading Pilot Data

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Re: Error Loading Pilot Data

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I gets old after 10 failed attempts in a row. My wife and I in a group, private or public, getting this error over and over. I'm beginning to wonder if their network configuration is still like old school NWN where each computer had to manually assign a port number to avoid using the same port lol Tongue out

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