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Re: Error Loading Pilot Data

by ImKilleros

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Error Loading Pilot Data

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so, this is, still, a thing.
not only does this happen half of the time I start the game (normally immediately booting me back to the "main menu"), but today it started to happen when I try to go into Freeplay.
it just kicks you back to the Fort Tarsis starting point and eats all of your sigils in the process.


how is this a thing?? I get it in a Beta (though that close to release it was already quite embarrassing), but it's two weeks since Anthem launched and it still cannot perform the most basic tasks of  a "liiiiive service" (feel free to imagine it in Jim "*" Sterling's voice).


why again should I care about playing the game, if neither game nor publisher/developer care for my time put into said game?

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Re: Error Loading Pilot Data

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★★★★ Novice

so, a third time today. this time fortress assault. 1 minute in, kicked out again :/

tried a freeplay session with only low tier sigils, no problem. go into assault with two epic sigils ... kawoom.
that's 7 epic sigils I lost today, without even a minute of gameplay. your loading screens though are doing just fine.

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Re: Error Loading Pilot Data

★★★★ Novice
error code 0x41cee95caebe7a49-0
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Re: Error Loading Pilot Data

★★★★ Novice
0x594125e8aebe7a49-0 error and the 0x4ddd041caebe7a49-0 error
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Re: Error Loading Pilot Data

★★★★ Novice

still ongoing, two days later.


the "game" has become literally unplayable for me.

well, I guess I should thank you for making that decision for me. 


you should be embarrassed, EA and Bioware. really darn embarrassed

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Re: Error Loading Pilot Data

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I had 14 disconnection with the error cant load pilot data in less an hour... I get it regularly since the game release. I didnt had this kind of problem in the beta.

I deinstalling anthem when if it doesnt get better after the next patch...

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Re: Error Loading Pilot Data

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Got this error 3 out of 5 times today between 1500 and 1600 EST trying to get to Freeplay. 


The other 2 times, I got into Freeplay and the game locked up within 5 minutes. 


Wouldn't really irritate me if not for the 15 Epic consumables that disappeared. I'm in Freeplay to get epic ember but damn the return on investment was bad today.

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Re: Error Loading Pilot Data

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Add me to this list.


Sometimes I can play with no issue for a few hours, other times I can't get more than a minute into a mission.  Tarsis works fine, but I can't do anything (including Freeplay).  Then there are times where I can Tarsis or Freeplay, but any Contracts or Strongholds simply don't function properly (Pilot data issues).

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Re: Error Loading Pilot Data

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★ Apprentice

I never had "error loading Pilot data" until today when I moved the game over to SSD. It happened constantly. So, after most of the day trying to do repairs I moved it back and problem gone. I wanted the faster loading times from the SSD but I 'd rather wait longer and have a stable load.

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Re: Error Loading Pilot Data

★★★★ Novice
Anmi2g I wish I had that option. but I "only" got an SSD installed :D
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