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Error Code 672 and 327

by x_zedeki_x

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Error Code 672 and 327

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I can play one or two matches and after a few min in the second or third one I am losing connections to EA server and can immediately reconnect.


I don't lose conection to anything else.


Hosts: data reseted


Router: set to self forwarding (fritzbox 4040)


firewall: bf2 allowed


bf2.exe and origin set to start as admin


I stopped playing for now since it got worse after the 17th - before I was able to play for hours before I lost connection, but now it's unplayable.


Ah, PC btw.



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Error code 672.

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I get this code. My game completely disconnects. I have internet, it is the game that disconnects. Why is this happening? I will be doing really well. All of these problems started after this last patch. 

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error code 327 EA please fix this !!!

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Error 327

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Hi, Im getting error code 327 alot. My friend invited me to play some multiplayer games, but when i join, it loads for a long time, and then it just disconnects. Please help.

My friend just gets in instantly?

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Can't play multiplayer. Match launches fine be in game for about 30secs that get disconnected with error 672. Game worked fine up until the most recent update
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Re: ERROR 672

Community Manager



The game can get into a bad state when you disconnect. We are aware of this and working to prevent that error/state.


Until then, connectivity troubleshooting can get you back playing.


The most basic and first thing you should do is restart your console/PC and also power cycle your router.


Connectivity troubleshooting:

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Re: ERROR 672

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Do you have any idea when it will be done ???
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Re: ERROR 672

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I tried everything suggested. It didn't work still got the same problem. Hopefully it is resolved in the next patch.
On another note, it is not my connection. I used my brothers account with the same network configuration and never got the error
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Re: ERROR 672

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I tried everthing that is mentioned in that troubleshooting.


There is something messed up with the game and you know that - every other online service is fine.


I would love to play the game, but it's frustrating to get kicked everytime...

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Re: ERROR 672

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I guess patience is all we have, thank goodness it’s EA not Ubisoft hahaha
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