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Error Code: 216 - Trouble playing with roomate?

by ChrisMongloid

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Error Code: 216 - Trouble playing with roomate?

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So I know everyone has been having this same "lost connection to server" problem, but I'm pretty sure mine is somewhat different.

I've had trouble playing with my friends in a group since launch (probably like everyone else) but I feel like I have even more trouble with my roommate. We have our own PS4's, PSN's and PS+, game - everything..We are on separate sides of the house hardwired to the same router/modem though, and I think maybe that has something to do with it somehow?

It's extra annoying because it essentially makes it so only 1 of us can play with our group of real life friends..does anyone have any clue what this could be, or if it could be a common setting in our network config?

It feels like it has been getting progressively worse too. I'd say if we both close our games and try to start a blast, just us 2, it's probably 25% chance it'll work. Add more people it's worse. One of us just gets auto "lost connection-ed"

Lost connection to server, check your....Error code: 216

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Re: Error Code: 216 - Trouble playing with roomate?

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Hey all,


If you're having some trouble playing with a roommate on console or PC check out the solutions provided by some players in our Apex Legends board.


Solution #1

Solution #2


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Re: Error Code: 216 - Trouble playing with roomate?

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Keep getting the same thing with my brother who's in a different room and it doesn't us play together and this has been happening since the first game!
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Re: Error Code: 216 - Trouble playing with roomate?

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It is the same for me and a friend who came over to play the game. Very stupid programming I guess.

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Error Code: 216 - Battlefront 2 (PC)

★★★★ Novice
I enter in multiplayer game, I select a multiplayer mode game and and when the game finished to load, before select character it’s happened...
I’m tried to perform some troubleshooting and solve internet connection problem, but I have the same result.
After 15 to 20 minuts perfirming troubleshooting I can play...
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Error Code 216

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Error Code 216:


Whenever I launch a multiplayer game, it gets to where it says the name of the map, right before you load into a game,  it disconnects and give me this code. Anyone else getting this code?

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Re: Error Code 216

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I have heard of it.

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Error 216

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I tried to play the game with friend (on PC) and when we join together I come to the loading screen of the map my friend comes to the character screen and I get stuck in loading screen then get the error message "error message 216" when I play by myself (not in group) I have no problem but as soon as we try to play in a party I get the error message and he joins the game. 
Does anyone have a solution to the problem played together yesterday and had no problems 2/12 -17 and the error started the 3/12 -17.
(we´re sitting on a LAN connection)
Thanks in advance DimmuFu  

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Re: Error 216

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I am getting this error daily now to the point I cannot play any multiplayer game. I have updated my router, checked connections, restarted my PS4, and I am hardwired via an ethernet cable. Despite all of that, I keep getting Error Code 216. Very frustrating.

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Re: Error Code: 216 - Trouble playing with roomate?

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Hey man i think i found the solution and this is to everyone playing and getting this horrible horrible error code... The trick is to change the ping site which can be done if you go to options and then go to the EA account. For example me and my brother play star wars and hes in the room next door. If me and him are playing at the same ping site ( Ping site Virginia ) we get the error code but the minute I stay in the ping site Virginia and he goes to the ping site Ohio the error code goes away. I hope this helps anyone with this issue. It seems like a simple fix but one thats a little silly.

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Re: Error Code 216

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i'm having exact the same problem

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