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Error 106 (forced restart)

by theETAAB5

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Error 106 (forced restart)

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Error 106 plagues me.

I get hit with it at least once during each GA.  Often costing me the round, or worse yet, a win overall.

It occasionally will cost me a Special Mission success in TB, or an Arena battle attempt.

What is Error 106?

Why does it happen SO often?

Can I be compensated for this huge inconvenience?



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Re: Error 106 (forced restart)

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Error Code 106.0

What is it????

It makes me nervous every time I go into battle in GA.  It hits me every time!

It forces a restart, and I lose my team.  Sometimes it costs me a win.

It also hits during Squad/Fleet Arena and Raids.  Neither of which is too big of a deal for me, but when it hits and costs me a team and an attempt in GA, TW, or Special Mission rewards during TB, THIS IS a big deal!

What gives?  How can I stop this from happening..... constantly?!?

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Re: Error 106 (forced restart)

Community Manager

Hi @theETAAB5,

Troubleshooting may help here. This guide will expand more on troubleshooting for Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes: "Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes Basic Troubleshooting Guide". 

When you've completed all of the outlined troubleshooting steps for your mobile device, please go ahead and try to reinstall the game using a strong/stable Wi-Fi connection. Once you've launched it for the first time since troubleshooting, leave it open on the Home Screen for around half and hour without playing the game. This will allow it to fully finish downloading all assets correctly and should hopefully help with the error message you're receiving. 

Do let us know if this helps with the error code 106.0. 

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