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Re: Eero Router Compatibility

by Gutbutton

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Eero Router Compatibility

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I've been having pretty significant issues with Anthem since the VIP demo. I get the same errors on both my desktop and laptop which led me to believe that it was a network issue of some sort.


  1. 95% Loading screen bug
  2. After salvaging a couple items in the forge, the salvage command is greyed out. If I exit the forge and immediately return to it - my character shows lvl 3 and all my gear is gone.
  3. Once i'm actually in a mission, things run pretty smooth. Once the mission ends I often times get a connection error and lose the loot I obtained.
  4. When I log into the game my character level in the upper left shows as lvl 1

Here is what i've tried so far


  • Uninstalling/reinstalling
  • Port forwarding (You can't set a range of ports with the eero, you have to enter them one by one)
  • Turning off firewall

I found a  thread on reddit where people with a eero are having the exact same issues that i'm describing. All my other EA games work perfectly fine - Apex, Battlefield, Madden, etc...


I hope there is a fix soon, i've grinded to lvl30 despite these issues but they seem to be getting worse, making the game virtually unplayable. 

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Re: Eero Router Compatibility

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I have an Eero and Anthem crashes a lot.  It has nothing to do with the Eero though.   It's the same "Error retrieving pilot data" that a lot of people are getting. Just check the previous post in this forum and you will find them.  It something server side that the Devs have to fix.

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Re: Eero Router Compatibility

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Okay great, thank you! I've never actually seen an error like that pop up, but yeah, sounds about right. I'll just sit back and wait for a fix. Thank you for the info kind sir. 

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Re: Eero Router Compatibility

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I have the exact same issues as you described and I have an eero and am sure it's the problem and I think you can set range on eero I put the the first port on external and the the second on internal but not sure that's how it's done.
but still same issue the solution I did is just by playing from my iPhone wifi Hotspot since I have unlimited data package but it's sucks I want to be able to play normally with my Lan Cable cause it's faster  

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Re: Eero Router Compatibility

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Okay yeah, I think you're right. Took my laptop to Starbucks, worked just fine. Tried the hotspot from my phone, also worked. 

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Re: Eero Router Compatibility

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Any known solutions yet?  I have worked around my eero routers for the time being, but I really don't want to replace my whole network setup over the issue.

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Re: Eero Router Compatibility

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I don’t have an eero router and I am having ridiculous connectivity issues. So I don’t think it is eero, but it may be something to do with routers. I’m running an asus

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Re: Eero Router Compatibility

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Same exact issues although i have bad cell service in my house so tethering doesnt even work 

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Re: Eero Router Compatibility

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On PS4 and I too can’t play the game when connected to my eero router. If I plug directly into the AT&T U-verse router, the game’s network connection is quite stable. Both are type 2 NAT. 

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