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Early Access Trial expired before I played

by nptducky25

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Early Access Trial expired before I played

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Really disappointed this evening.


Last night I decided to subscribe to EA Access so I could enjoy the 10 hour free trial. Started the download of the game but realised I would not be able to play that evening due to the installation time. A few hours later I checked, I could now access the start now option and play the first game of intro's (could not access full game still had plenty to install) I played the first game and drew 3-3 with PSG messed my pens up and went out. I was tired and it was late.


Keen to continue once well rested I left the xbox on and shut off the tv. Knowing that when I returned from work the following day Installation would be fully complete and I would have 9h 40 mins(played intro game -20mins) to set up my ultimate team and start earning coinage before my mates.


The following day I woke up with a spring in my step. Today was going to be a good day. Get work done and then boom home to early access of new fifa. I even bragged to work colleagues about my early access and how I was about to get a headsteart on UT. Probably got you up to 4 new members who all went home in jealousy and signed up to Access too. 


Anyway I get home excited that evening. Work was long and complicated but i go through it knowing what was waiting for me upon my return. So I turn on tv and controller. I'm on the home screen it says resume fifa. I press start and close fifa, knowing that it was going to probably go straight into the play now intro game I played last night when I lost to PSG (again it was late and I was tired) it closes.


So I re-open up fifa 19 for first time properly with full access and to my horror I receive a notice to say I have 15mins of my trial left. I didn't believe it, surley not! So I close and continue. But sure enough 15 mins later before I have even opened ultimate team the game tells me my trial is over.


Gutted and furious I don't know where to turn. The game trial has continued while in the intro game and in my paranoid tired state I had purposely left xbox on while i slept and went to work. My good day ruined. My friends will be no help they just laughed their heads off as they enjoy their trial. So I rang the Ea support and they said there was nothing they could do. All they could do is direct me here.


So I post in hope that someone with the authority to re-set my trial reads this and helps me resolve the worst possible thing that could of happened to me. 


Today turned out to be a bad day Frown





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Re: Early Access Trial expired before I played

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I did manager to log out each time and got my full ten hours but I had 20 mins left this morning so logged in to collect squad battle rewards whilst opening my final pack the game ended and took my back to main menu


now I am unable to login to companion app as it said I am logged onto another device and there is no way of getting into game again to log off ☹️

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Re: Early Access Trial expired before I played

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Was there ever any response or resolution? This is so dumb. I even logged out and turned my Xbox off...after “playing” maybe 5 min last night. This morning....”trial expired. Purchase game blah blah.” I LITERALLY only paid the $5 to signup for this 10 hour trial. I want the time I paid for. This is illegal. If EA is pulling this nonsense and ripping customers off, they need to be held accountable. 

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